From luxurious fashion to high-end restaurants and imposing mansions, these are the most expensive items in the world. In the words of Coco Chanel, “the best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive”.


Although cost isn’t always an indication of quality, it often makes a difference. The finest materials don’t come cheap, and some of them are extremely rare.

That’s the case for most of the most expensive metals and also the most expensive wine in the world. Scarcity is a good reason for products to be costly.

In a few cases, clever marketing drives prices up. For many expensive handbags there are waiting lists, which makes people want them even more.

Complicated and lengthy production processes are another factor in high prices. Some of the most luxurious watches in the world are handmade to order and take many hours to make.


From costly spices to expensive fungi, costly cheeses and the best tea in the world, here are the most extravagant food and drink items. If you have a taste for sparkling wine, you’ll enjoy our features on the different types of Champagne bottles, the best types of Champagne and cava.

Discover pink Prosecco and a great English winemaker, and find out how to do a wine tasting at home. Find out about the most expensive wines in the world, which all have a fascinating history.

Pink Prosecco DOC Rose
Pink Prosecco DOC Rose


Whether you prefer to splurge on investment pieces or little luxuries such as lipsticks, there is plenty here to tempt you. Costly consumer goods are often crafted from rare metals, woods or other hard to find components.

If you’re interested in expensive motors, read about the luxurious Salon Privé exhibition. Jewelry fans will enjoy learning more about Swarovski, fancy colored diamonds, birthstones and signet rings.

Genuine Fabergé eggs are extremely rare decorative objects that are highly collectible. Just make sure when buying vintage designer goods that you do your research to check you’re purchasing the real deal. Check out our guides to buying Gucci and Louis Vuitton items for some pointers.

What are fancy colored diamonds?
Fancy colored diamonds are among the most expensive items in the world


Read about some of the most luxurious restaurants in the world. If you’re visiting London, UK, check out these Instagrammable London restaurants and themed afternoon teas.

Or dine in a London igloo restaurant for a truly unique experience!

For those based in the United States, you might like our selection of some of the best restaurants in Sarasota and Naples, Florida.

London Igloo Restaurant - The Coppa Club at Tower Bridge
Coppa Club – a London igloo restaurant


If you’re looking for high-end travel experiences and luxurious hobbies, you’ve come to the right place. Discover the most luxurious trains in the world, and some of the best cruise liners and luxurious airlines as well.

There are some incredible luxury hotels around the world, such as these ones with hot tubs in the rooms. If you prefer an outdoors experience, these American natural hot springs are worth checking out too.

Horticultural fans will enjoy our features on the best gardens in the world and the most beautiful sculpture parks. Those who appreciate art should read our articles on the best virtual art museum tours – the bonus is that they are free! Discover the most famous sculptures worldwide and the most iconic painters in the history of art.

Architecture lovers should like our articles on the most famous architects, most impressive European landmarks and the most beautiful castles in France.

The most luxurious trains in the world
The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express


Enjoy this selection of videos about designer items and high-end goods.


The Most Expensive Cities to Live in the US
The Most Expensive Cities to Live in the US

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