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  • Louis Vuitton
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  • Nasa
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Quid enables you to consolidate customer context efforts across the entire organization.


Your Strategic Advantage in Data-Driven Marketing. The platform for end-to-end marketing insights, predictive trend analysis, and data-backed decision-making.

Consumer Insights

Helps you fully understand consumer behaviors to innovate in products, services, or marketing. Keep up to speed with your consumers by collecting live, real-time data from across the globe.

Data Science

Get real-time consumer and market data integrated with your business intelligence systems for smarter decision-making.

Customer Experience

Unearth your customers' most important needs and expectations to craft a personalized experience that stands out from the crowd.


Illustrate your agency’s expertise by quickly developing data-driven pitches, whether it's demonstrating knowledge of a client’s business, diving deeper into a market and competitive landscape, or developing a unique marketing strategy.


Deep Insights and Real-Time Alerts. Proactively respond to a crisis by being alerted in real time. You can quickly analyze signals from consumers or the market, and understand the impact so you can always have the right response.

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